[SONG REVIEW]: Albin Lee Meldau – “Persistence”

I feel like I got lucky in terms of the musical preferences of my parents, well, for the most part…

Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed many friends bicker with their parents regarding what radio station to listen to during long car rides, what kind of music should act as the soundtrack to a backyard barbecue or what the true definition of “good music” really is.

Luckily for me, my parents were pretty open-minded in terms of giving whatever new band I was obsessed with a chance. Sure, most of the time I forced them to listen to bands like Blitzen Trapper, but after a few years, they were die-hard fans just like me.

Picture a group of dads hanging out, drinking Old Vienna in the backyard while wearing their sons’ old, outgrown skate shoes, discussing The Eagles and Bob Seger, when my father starts talking about seeing Dr. Dog play in the parking lot of a coffee house in Rochester, New York.

Anyways…here’s the latest addition to my dad-approved collection of songs. It comes from Swedish singer/songwriter Albin Lee Meldau and it is excellent to say the very least.

It’s basically what I believe would happen if I put Dave Matthews, Paul Simon and John Hiatt into a blender and poured the remains on my radio.


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