[SONG REVIEW]: Tyler, The Creator – “Boredom”

“Bored and getting desperate as hell.”

Just think about that quote for a while. It’s only made up of 6 words, yet it’s a sentence that millions and millions of people can relate to….

…especially those of us who are struggling to get through our 20s. More often than not I forget that Tyler, The Creator is only 26 years old, mainly because he’s been an active talent for almost 10 years now. But he is, in fact, in his mid-20s, and going through the same old bullshit that the rest of us are. You know, things like:

  • lack of stimulation
  • uncertainty
  • lack of confidence
  • depression
  • anxiety

…and much, much more, but back to the music.

“Boredom” sees Tyler taking on a much different sound than he has in the past; one that he began to experiment with on his last albums, 2013’s Wolf and 2015’s Cherry Bomb. Expertly combining favorable qualities of neo-soul with jazz and R&B, “Boredom” will leave fans both excited and relaxed.

Play it as your next backyard BBQ starts to wind down and the wine starts taking its toll on Aunt Sheila.

Tyler, The Creator’s newest album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, is due out July 21st on Columbia Records.


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