[ALBUM REVIEW]: Lucy Rose – “Something’s Changing”


It seems like everybody is going nuts about Canadian singer/songwriter Leslie Feist’s newest album Pleasure, and for good reason! The album is wonderfully obscure and a joy to hear. However, I think some of the excitement needs to be toned back and refocused on another female singer/songwriter: Lucy Rose.

The British talent has just released her third studio album, Something’s Changing, earlier this month, and it is leaving one hell of an impression on fans and random listeners alike.

To her own fanbase, Rose has become known for her hauntingly beautiful folk ballads that are reminiscent to the likes of Joni Mitchell or Carole King. Something’s Changing continues this admirable pattern. From the jazzy funk-ballad “Second Chance” to the 70s groove of “Soak It Up”, the album is the perfect soundtrack to a lonely night on the couch with a glass of wine and a cat who doesn’t much care for your company.


For me, the album’s highlight comes in the form of “Is This Called Home”. The song occurs quite early on the album, ultimately setting the tone and drawing listeners in through evocative lyricism and tastefully conflicting melodies. The inclusion of a string section perfectly binds the songs early dulcet nature with its energetically poignant outro.

Another fantastic moment on the album is the ninth track, entitled “No Good At All”. A wonderfully pop-infused piano ballad with an infectiously catchy chorus and crystal clear vocals to boot.

There’s no denying that Lucy Rose’s Something’s Changing will be one of your favorite albums of the summer. In fact, it might be your mom’s favorite albums of the summer too.


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