[ALBUM REVIEW]: Arcade Fire – “Everything Now”

RATING: 4.5/5

To be completely honest, this is probably one of the most anticipated albums of the year. The Canadian outfit hasn’t released anything since the slightly controversial album Reflector back in 2013, and fans everywhere have been curious to know if Win Butler and his pals would continue to grow as an indie rock band verging into discotheque/dance territory.

Last month we were given the album’s title track, which basically sounds like a regurgitated version of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” – I played it on loop for 4 days straight.

Then they released “Creature Comfort”, a heavier sounding (yet-still-danceable) rock song with 80s synth vibes and deep-rooted lyrics that most would be able to relate to. It was definitely no “Everything Now”, but it was still a worthy listen.

Then came “Electric Blue” which saw Régine Chassagne taking the lead in a mellowed out disco-ballad reminiscent of Blondie’s best work.

Needless to say, weeks before the album’s release, most of us had a good idea of what to expect. Or so we thought….


Back in 2013, I defended Reflektor with all of my energy. Fans seemed to hate the band’s adventure into a more danceable realm. Well, this time around it seems like they’ve gone even further in the same direction, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

But for those of you hoping for moments on this album similar to those of Funeral or Neon Bible, rest assured, they exist. “Infinite Content” not only has an amusingly accurate message but the song’s sequel, “Infinite_Content” revisits similar sounds to that of The Suburbs.

The album is also filled with various tracks that will almost undoubtedly go underappreciated by the masses. “Chemistry”, “Good God Damn”, “Peter Pan” and “Put Your Money On Me” see the band experimenting in a melodically rewarding manner. Seriously, upon first listen you might not think much of them, but the more you listen, the more you’ll appreciate them.

Performances - Day 4 - Primavera Sound Festival 2017

In fact, I think the same can be said for the album as a whole. With a handful of admirable singles, many will overlook the overall quality of the record from start to finish. It’s incredibly easy for a band to fail while trying to elevate their sound to a new level, but Arcade Fire has done so (again) in the smoothest way possible.

Sure, many will hate the “new” Arcade Fire, but those of you with open minds are in for an excellent treat.



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