[SONG REVIEW]: Dent May – “Hello Cruel World”

There’s something wonderfully cheesy about the work of Mississippi-born songwriter Dent May. Firstly, he barely resembles a musician. In fact, he looks like more of a math tutor than anything. Secondly, his new wave/pop rock sound is incredibly reminiscent of a time when the biggest hits were written and performed by men who looked like they still lived in their parents’ basement.

Simply put, Dent May is the complete opposite of what most would deem commercially acceptable – and this is why we love him!

Whether it’s a yacht-rock piano ballad or a ukulele-driven hipster dance number, Dent May is always doing whatever the fuck he wants. This has never been more apparent than it is on his latest release Across The Multiverse.

Here’s the album’s opening track.


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